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I’ve been watching this tv show on Monday night called “No Ordinary Family.” About a family who all get superpowers, and they are using them for good, to change the world!

The Good Seed

I love it how Jesus knows all the Old testament scriptures, he could have quoted verses and passages just like the Pharisees, and could’ve looked like the top scholar, speaking from an ivory tower of academia. But he uses parables and stories to communicate the truth. He knows that stories can cut through and reach people.

Verena Adrian’s story

Is Jesus real? Often people think Jesus is not real, because they cannot see him and want evidence “that proves” that he is. In fact, the question “Is Jesus real?” touches most people, I think.

Who’s Driving?

Christian singer Paul Colman shared recently how he keeps on trying to take the wheel off Jesus and steer his own life, and every time he does, he crashes and burns. He had a vision once of himself in the front seat of his car holding a kids steering wheel that Jesus gave him, so he thought he was really driving.