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Boldness in the Church

Matt Prater continues his series focusing on the book of Acts by talking about one of the greatest traits of the early Christians – Boldness.

To Send or Not to Send

Every time I read Acts, I feel like I’m there in the early church, walking with the apostles, experiencing all they are going through. But really, I haven’t risked my life like these guys did, I have 2000 years of Christian tradition to learn from.

The Sorcerer’s Heart

Some people think that the disciples were just nice and gentle and spreading the love like the hippies in the 60’s movement. Here is Peter, who spent 3 years following Jesus absolutely everywhere, filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit and he says this to a new convert! Charles Wesley wrote a hymn called, “Gentle, Jesus meek and mild.”  He is, but he’s also “Firey, Jesus bold and wild!”

True Friendships Are Rare

Recently at the “Valiant man” course, one guy shared how he really didn’t know much about real relationships until his wife really showed him how to care for people and be real with people. It got me thinking that we can race around and do, do, do so many things and never really be intimate with people.