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To Send or Not to Send

Every time I read Acts, I feel like I’m there in the early church, walking with the apostles, experiencing all they are going through. But really, I haven’t risked my life like these guys did, I have 2000 years of Christian tradition to learn from.

Kingdom Heart

Paul had a pretty impressive list of trials and persecutions he’d been through. He throws this line in at the end. As a crescendo, his reason for making it through all of his troubles. He has a concern for all of the churches.

Deliver Yourself

A survey from John Mark Ministries in OZ, showed that there are over 14,000 ex pastors, and only 14,000 pastors in ministry.  70% of ex-pastors don’t attend church! Another survey showed that 95% of pastors who had fallen, said they had stopped daily devotions.

Gently, Gently

When a fish is caught in a net, we could cut it in half, and it would die. Or we could gently untangle it so it can be set free. We are called to carry each other’s burdens. That’s the beauty of church. When you are caught in sin, whether it is greed, or pride, or bitterness, or sexual sin, or stealing,  we shouldn’t condemn, we should gently restore.