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Peace and Prosperity

King David has been in distress. He knows what to do to cry out to God. He says: “Give me relief from my distress;  have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” And “How long will you people love delusions and seek false gods”

Does God Get Bored of His Relationship with Me?

My Son and I have a wonderful relationship. From times like 4am this morning, he was screaming, I stumbled over my heavy sleeping wife, slipped on my ugg boots, banged into the door, found my way to him, sat on the lounge with him for 5 silent minutes of snuggling, then he dozed off and gave me a very generous sleep in until 7am. (HALLELUJAH!!!!)

True Friendships Are Rare

Recently at the “Valiant man” course, one guy shared how he really didn’t know much about real relationships until his wife really showed him how to care for people and be real with people. It got me thinking that we can race around and do, do, do so many things and never really be intimate with people.