New Hope Brisbane


The Smoke-o-meter

A mate of mine poured out his heart about a broken relationship as well as asking a couple of tough questions about Christianity. Since I’ve known him I’ve seen him come from having real darkness in his eyes to a light now coming on.

Harvest Time

I believe this year will be a year of harvest. A year where we will see an acceleration of God’s kingdom activity in our lives. The Lord has been building a firm foundation in our church, and He is going to build on this foundation with many souls.

You Have a Platform

I wonder if we surveyed modern church goers, and how many believers have actually raised their hands, or fallen on their knees, and faceplanted before God? Many church goers are too numb, or conservative or self-conscious to be so outlandish before the Lord. Should we be more like David and dance and be even more undignified than this?