New Hope Brisbane

Matt Prater

Matt Prater is the Senior Pastor at New Hope Brisbane

The Smoke-o-meter

A mate of mine poured out his heart about a broken relationship as well as asking a couple of tough questions about Christianity. Since I’ve known him I’ve seen him come from having real darkness in his eyes to a light now coming on.

The Great Second Chance

Imagine if you were raised from the dead. What would it be like after being dead for 4 days, then walking out alive. You’d be sore and stiff, you’d stink to high heavens, you’re eyes would have to adjust to the light, you’d probably confused about what day it is…

Prayer Changes Things

Prayer meetings and worship gatherings are so different all over the world. Some are very quiet and reverent, there are long pauses between prayers, and words are very carefully chosen, and are sometimes spoken in a monotone.

Never Alone

How do we speak and do what the Father has taught us? With the father’s help, that’s how. How do we get the father’s help? By listening to his still small voice, by abiding in him, by practicing the presence of God, by being filled with his Holy Spirit, by knowing his Word.