New Hope Men

The New Hope Men’s Group exists to:

  • Build men who are happier, more balanced, stronger and peaceful
  • Be a place where new men to the church can find mates and get to know more about Jesus and the church

Our values:

  • Every man has value – in our eyes and those of God; ‘Every man’s a champion’
  • Honesty – be real about yourself, be prepared to challenge a mate who is doing something wrong (‘as iron sharpens iron’)
  • Authentic manhood from a biblical perspective – God is our father who loves us and Jesus is the ideal role model for manhood
  • Mateship – we will be there for each other, especially when things get rough
  • Ethical – we don’t speak or act violently with women, children or each other
  • Broadly based – where men of all ages, origins, backgrounds and at whatever stage in their ‘walk’ learn from each other.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 9:30pm on Zoom during COVID restrictions.