New Hope Brisbane

Statement of Faith

Who is God?

God, the eternal and true One, Creator of all visible and invisible, complete in power, wisdom and goodness desires to be our Father.

How can I relate to God?

Jesus, the Son of God, is able to connect us with the Father because he is completely God and completely man.   Jesus was born to a virgin without a human father, suffered on the cross for our sin and rose from the dead for our new way of life.  He now sits at the Father’s right hand praying for us and will return to take those who believe on him to the Father.

How can I on earth relate to God in heaven?

The Holy Spirit is the presence of God on earth because he is completely God as the Father and the Son, assuring, helping, correcting, guiding helping us pray and empowering us. God is one but lives in a fellowship of three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He wants to fellowship with us.

How can I learn about God?

The Bible is the inspired word of God and contains all we need to know to please God in this life and find heaven in the life to come.

What is a human being?

Men and women are created by God in his image and are incredibly valuable to him.

What has gone wrong with the human race?

Instead of accepting God’s law with obedient hearts we have each gone our own way and live in a broken relationship with the Father.  This started with the first human, Adam, when he rebelled against God and marred the image of God in human beings.  That fallen nature has become part of the human race.  Without Christ we are powerless to change our condition.

Is there hope for the human race?

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, stood in our place of judgment and suffered our punishment through death on the cross.  He was rejected so we could be accepted by God.  Salvation is a free gift, that we can do nothing to earn and can only accept as a free gift.

What should my response be?

We are called to humbly confess our sin to God, change our minds through heart-felt repentance and have faith that Christ’s value makes us as valuable to the Father as Jesus is to him.

What is the result?

When we trust Christ for forgiveness and acceptance the Holy Spirit gives us assurance that we are God’s children.  That is a new birth.

How should I follow Christ?

The first step in following Christ is baptism, just as Jesus did.  Baptism by full immersion in water is a sign outwardly of a change inwardly.

The church is the body of Christ on earth, and we are called to partner together to serve one another and present Christ to the world.

The Lord’s Supper is a simple meal of bread and wine that connects us with Christ and one another.

Like Jesus we are called to take up our cross of responsibility daily, die to our old way of life and become more like him as he sanctifies us.

How can I live the Christian life?

The Father desires to immerse our lives in Him through the baptism with the Holy Spirit that brings purity and power into our life.  The gifts and the fruit of the Spirit enable us to reveal the presence of Christ to others.

We believe in balance in our walk with God to avoid the extremes of fanaticism.

Can God heal today?

We believe that Christ can heal today as we pray in faith for the sick.

What is the spiritual world like?

Angels are the servants God sent to help human beings.  Some angels have rebelled against God and have become enemies of human and are called demons.  We believe that the devil and all his angels will be destroyed through the power of Christ in the last day.  Meanwhile, those with faith in Christ have authority over demons and can advance the kingdom forward.

What will the future be like?

Jesus Christ will personally and physically return to earth to take those who believe in him to the Father.

All the dead will be raised, the righteous to life forever with God and the unrighteous eternal punishment.

Heaven is the unspeakably beautiful home of all born-again believers.  Hell is a place of eternal torment designed for the devil and his angels and is the eternal punishment of those who reject Christ.

What is my responsibility to others?

Jesus’ last instructions on earth are our first priority to tell others the good news of forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ.