New Hope Brisbane


The Smoke-o-meter

A mate of mine poured out his heart about a broken relationship as well as asking a couple of tough questions about Christianity. Since I’ve known him I’ve seen him come from having real darkness in his eyes to a light now coming on.

Learning Through Suffering

A South-African friend of mine recently said that their country is a third-world country, and so many people come to God because they are suffering so much. But over here in Australia, people have so much and they think they don’t need God!

Peace and Prosperity

King David has been in distress. He knows what to do to cry out to God. He says: “Give me relief from my distress;  have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” And “How long will you people love delusions and seek false gods”

Kingdom Heart

Paul had a pretty impressive list of trials and persecutions he’d been through. He throws this line in at the end. As a crescendo, his reason for making it through all of his troubles. He has a concern for all of the churches.