New Hope Brisbane


Prayer Changes Things

Prayer meetings and worship gatherings are so different all over the world. Some are very quiet and reverent, there are long pauses between prayers, and words are very carefully chosen, and are sometimes spoken in a monotone.

Never Alone

How do we speak and do what the Father has taught us? With the father’s help, that’s how. How do we get the father’s help? By listening to his still small voice, by abiding in him, by practicing the presence of God, by being filled with his Holy Spirit, by knowing his Word.

Let the Kingdom Come

One of the greatest criticisms of “religion” is that it’s started wars and caused so much trouble on the earth. Jesus didn’t come for a physical overthrow, he can with an unseen kingdom. Whenever there was a miracle, it was the kingdom of light overcoming the kingdom of darkness.

Jumpstart the Flatline

Sometimes when life gets busy, we end up running and running and we can become numb to the most important things. When we go to a football game and there’s no passion for either team, when there are emotional struggles and we don’t even cry, when we are so focused on doing things that our heart grows hardened. We can flatline. We end up doing more than being.

Harvest Time

I believe this year will be a year of harvest. A year where we will see an acceleration of God’s kingdom activity in our lives. The Lord has been building a firm foundation in our church, and He is going to build on this foundation with many souls.