New Hope Brisbane

Kingdom Heart

Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches. 2 Cor 11:28

Paul had a pretty impressive list of trials and persecutions he’d been through. He throws this line in at the end. As a crescendo, his reason for making it through all of his troubles. He has a concern for all of the churches.

Recently a Pastor shared about how he was challenged by this scripture. He said when he started his ministry , he could have driven past another church that was on fire and he wouldn’t have stopped, except to maybe throw some gas on the fire. But after reading this passage in the 80’s he realized he needed to have the same heart as Paul. A Kingdom heart. (Story of another Pastor)

I know how important it is for me if a pastor or someone from another church encourages me or speaks into my life. And that’s why I’ll always try to be an encourager and a supporter of other churches.

10 years ago things weren’t like that. Churches kept to themselves, but lately there has been a lot more church unity and I think it’s part of the Lord preparing his bride for his return.

Lord, help me to have a kingdom heart. Help me be a blessing to other churches and not to get too caught up in New Hope World. Here am I send me. Amen.