New Hope Brisbane

Jumpstart the Flatline

It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. God is sheer being itself—Spirit. Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.” John 3:23-24

The Message

Sometimes when life gets busy, we end up running and running and we can become numb to the most important things. When we go to a football game and there’s no passion for either team, when there are emotional struggles and we don’t even cry, when we are so focused on doing things that our heart grows hardened. We can flatline. We end up doing more than being.

God is looking for us to be honest and real. To be people of passion who connect with Him in all things. We are spiritual beings, and we need to check our hearts regularly to make sure we aren’t just living in the flesh, like the darkness of the world, but that we are true worshipers who worship in spirit and truth.

This means to be honest before God. Not just praying religious, ritualistic prayers, but casting all of our burdens on to Him. Crying out to him, and petitioning him, and drawing closer to Him every day. We should all have a personal vision to grow closer to the Lord every day. Not just to learn more about him, but to know him more every day.

I believe all worshipers of God should have times of extremes in their worship to Him. As Ecclesiastes says “there is a time for everything.” Times of dancing, and raising hands and shouting and singing, times of bowing and reverence and solitude and seeking Him in the prayer closet. Times when we are mad and being honest about how we feel about the things that are happening in our lives that we feel are unjust.

That’s what relationships are all about. Communicating and loving each other through the good times and the bad times, celebrating and mourning, in war and in peace, being together. That’s what the Lord wants from us. To be with Him, to be honest and real… with Him.

Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration. John 3:24

Father, I love you and Love to be with you through everything, you are my ever present help in times of trouble, and my shelter and my strength, you are closer than a brother. Thank you that you love me, warts and all… Amen.