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Ps Matt Prater Daniel 10

Ps Matt continued our series on the Book of Daniel, looking at Chapter 10. It’s a chapter about Daniel humbling himself & praying & fasting for his nation. He received some amazing revelations & prophetic insight. This is just what we need in the world right now!

Also as Churches across Australia in whatever form they may meet, are asked to include prayers for the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and its impact upon individual people and our nation as a whole. The recent shut down of worship services will make this more difficult however Churches are asked to be creative in how they pray for what is affecting so many of our people. Organisers of the season of prayer, of which the National Day is just one day, are amazed yet delighted by the strong support that the season of prayer has generated. The shutting down of places of worship has been a challenge to Churches overall, but, there have been many creative ways in which congregations are responding to the situation.

For individuals and Churches participating in the season of prayer we provide the following prayer points for your use.

Pray that people will turn to God in their fear and that the church will seize the unprecedented opportunity to make Jesus known to those without hope in Christ. Pray that Christians everywhere will truly be God’s representative to people, not only now but in the financial crisis ahead.
Pray that this virus will be stopped in its tracks. That the medical researchers will get a download from Heaven on how to quickly develop a vaccine to counteract COVID-19 and a cure for those who have become infected.
Pray for the healing of those affected by the virus and also for them to be comforted while they heal. Pray for the eradication of the virus from their bodies and for the healing of every infected part of their being. Pray also for no lasting effects in their bodies from this illness.