New Hope Brisbane

Let the Healing Come

Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. Matthew 4:23

I hear lot’s of talk about the kingdom, and healing lately. I notice that many times in scripture, when Jesus talk about the kingdom, it’s related to healing and deliverance. I love this verse that states he healed EVERY disease and sickness. Not just the bad backs and the headaches.

There have been seasons over the years where healing and deliverance are a big focus in churches. But many today opt for entertainment, and a nice show. But the kingdom of God is not a kingdom of talk, but of power! To be honest, I see far too many people who are afflicted with sickness, and people who need to be delivered from demons! And medication or counselling can only do so much, we need a spiritual solution to spiritual problem. We don’t need a band-aid solution, we need miracles!

And Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to pray for healing, he told them to heal the sick. That’s why I like to say, be healed in Jesus name, not just Umm, Jesus could you maybe heal this person please???

My basic mathematics has helped me in the healing ministry over the years. Here’s what I worked out. If you pray for no-one. Then no-one get’s healed. If you pray for some people, then some people get healed. Jesus obviously had a much better strike rate than me, where all he prayed for were healed. My goal is to increase those percentages. I want to see more miracles wherever I go!

Lord Jesus, anoint me to heal in your mighty name. Amen!