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Doing Church as a Team

But how can I carry, all by myself, your troubles and burdens and quarrels? So select some wise, understanding, and seasoned men from your tribes, and I will commission them as your leaders. Deuteronomy 1:12

Moses had the wisdom from God to raise up leaders around him to help lead the people. It’s says that he, “took the top men of your tribes, wise and seasoned, and made them your leaders—leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens, officials adequate for each of your tribes.” This is Doing church as a team. Too many people rely only on the paid “clergy” to do ministry, but God want us to do church as a team.

Just before reading this verse, I was speaking to my wife. She was helping a lady move house today. She said, “I’ve got so many things to do. And I was too busy to do this today. But Jesus told me to lay everything else aside, and help.” She then went on to say, “we need people to help us do this kind of stuff. A lot of people say they want to help, but when the time comes, people have other priorities.” Now clearly not everyone can drop everything, and spend half a day doing something like that. Most people have jobs and commitments etc. But, eternally, what matters most? Doing what Jesus told us to do, or living for ourselves? I’m not saying everyone needs to quit their jobs, and volunteer every day. But I am saying we need to do an audit on our priorities, and make sure we have margin in our lives so that we are available when Jesus wants us to do something for him. I’ve heard it said before that God loves availability, more than ability.

I love it on this verse where it says, “select some wise, understanding, and seasoned men.” The truth is, it’s hard to find good leaders. It’s hard to find people who will be committed, loyal, wise, trustworthy etc. In our culture today, when the going gets tough, people often look for the greener grass on the other side. It’s a good question to ask ourselves. “Am I the kind of person that Moses would pick to help him out? Or do I want to be that kind of person? And then what do I need to change in my life to get to be that kind of person?”

Lord Jesus, Here am I, send me. May I be found faithful with the call upon my life. Thank you for raising up so many godly leaders, and that we can do church as a team. Lead us on to victory Lord Jesus, Amen.