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Ps Peter Kasirivu

Peter Kasirivu is the founder of Africa Renewal Ministries, which “focuses on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through planting churches and starting and supporting schools, orphanages, and clinics.”

Africa Renewal reaches out to vulnerable, lost, hurting people who desperately need the change that begins with faith in Jesus Christ. They minister to people who don’t have access to even the basic necessities of life. Overwhelming poverty, witchcraft, and other false gods are common in Gaba. Africa Renewal reaches over 7000 children, youth, and adults in more than 30 communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over 650 churches have been planted. Children have access to education, medical care, leadership training, and spiritual discipleship. Young adults are completing advanced education and becoming Christian Leaders who follow in our founder’s footsteps, going out to engage in the community around them.  Pastors receive theological and leadership training to help them better shepherd their congregations and make disciples of Jesus. Families, communities, the country, and the world are experiencing renewal as God is working through Africa Renewal. Peter is also the founder of the Mwangaza children’s choir.