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Ps Matt Prater The Power of the name of Jesus

Ps Matt Brought message called, “The Power of the name of Jesus.” I remember hearing a preacher once say, “Trying to comprehend the greatness of God is like trying to pour all of the water in the ocean into one cup!” There are many biblical names for God. God is called Elohim when revealing Himself as the all-powerful Creator. He is Jehovah Nissi—the Lord’s banner of victory (a name you need to know when seeking victory in your life). God is also known as Jehovah Rapha, or the Lord your healer. When you are in need of provision, get to know the name Jehovah Jireh—God, the provider. God has a name for every situation we find ourselves in. We need to learn the names of God because when we know His character and His capacity, we will find rest and discover peace and power in His covenantal care of us. Most importantly we need to know the power of the name of Jesus. Come along as we walk through God’s Word together!