New Hope Brisbane

Ps Greg Biddell

We were blessed to have Pastor Greg Biddell Speaking! Greg has served for 4 years as missionary in PNG, & has pastored for 14 years in the Northern Territory. He now travels constantly as full-time itinerant minister, speaking in churches and holding seminars and conferences around the nation. Greg’s main thrust in ministry is teaching on ‘Divine Health’. This subject has absolutely nothing to do with exercise, diet or popping pills, but everything to do with a Godly lifestyle and our emotions. Both the Bible and medical science agree that when we allow our emotions to rule, it will have an effect on our body and health. A positive emotion will produce a positive result, whereas a negative emotion will cause a negative outcome. Greg has found that people, as a whole, are very interested in their health and that health products have become a multi-million dollar industry over the past decade. All types of people, including Christians, are being sucked into the world’s formulas instead of following the blueprint prescribed by the Lord for us as believers. He teaches on the ramifications of prolonged grief, bitterness, unforgiveness, stress and worry, as well as the benefits of joy, laughter and forgiveness.