New Hope Brisbane

Ps Fred Bartolo

Pastor Fred Bartolo is Speaking on Have Faith in God. Fred and his wife Mary have very different backgrounds.  Fred is an X-Rugby League player who often found himself in trouble with the law and Mary lived in Brazil serving as a Catholic nun.  Both had a personal encounter with The Lord Jesus Christ and received Him as their Lord and Saviour at around the same time, but under totally different circumstances with Mary’s encounter being in Brazil and Fred’s in Australia.

They eventually met in Malta and got married the following year, being ordained as pastors in 1993.  Previously they had served many years in Innisfail Church as Children’s Church Leaders and for some months filling- in at the running of the Solomon Island Bible College.  The overseas ministry as missionaries began with a couple of trips to the Philippines.  In 1995 after completing bible college in Brisbane they planted fourteen churches in Chile and from the work they set in place a national leadership team was established.  The local team has extended the work and have planted out churches into the South American nations of Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Columbia, and Venezuela.  Ps Fred and Mary also planted  a church on the Island of Malta where they saw The Lord do amazing things. Fred and Mary continue to work encouraging churches and passing on valuable keys they have learnt over 23 years in ministry.