New Hope Brisbane

Ps Dave Parr

Ps Dave Parr continued our series from the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 29 (if you want to read ahead).  A verse well memorized and often quoted is taken from our text.

*”Where there is no revelation(vision), the people cast off restraint; but Happy is he who keeps the law.”*

As we near the end of the year we need a fresh look and grounding in our vision and revelation. What has God spoken to you?

Where are you headed for in 2019?  Contentment (happiness) comes through stability and keeping to the Ancient paths.  Much is spoken in the Old Testament about not removing the markers-boundary pegs  memorials. God has done great things for us! Along the path of life (as Jacob) we have set up altars of memorials to remind us of His faithfulness!

In the States prior to Christmas in November they celebrate “Thanksgiving”, and although some have lost focus of its meaning, let us be thankful.  Let the Word challenge and transform your life as you hear what the Spirit says to the Church!