New Hope Brisbane

Ps Christian Hedegaard

Our guest speaker was Christian Hedegaard. He moves in the miraculous and has traveled to more than 60 nations, preaching the Gospel and planting churches. In 2000, he started an evangelistic ministry in Denmark that has had significant impact as a spearhead of revival, even today. His first book, Conquering Demons, He experienced Additionally, he is a recording artist, and the author of six books among which his first book, Conquering Demons, was translated into five languages.

In December 2011, Christian & his wife Karen moved from Denmark to Orlando, Florida, to work among the homeless people. When they received the calling, they left their 60 acres ranch in Denmark, to obey the voice of the Lord. Moving to the USA they started feeding the homeless in the streets and out from there Powerhouse Church was established in 2013. The church is located in a poor neighborhood in the downtown area of Orlando and is open during the week,  providing food, clothes and legal help for people in need.