New Hope Brisbane

Guest Speaker Michelle Hamilton

Our guest speaker was Michelle Hamilton! Michelle is an Author & speaker who has an amazing story to tell! Many years ago for 3 terrifying days, Michelle clung helplessly to her small capsized canoe in the Sulu Sea, the Philippines. Menaced by hungry sharks, enduring tropical storms and with no food or water, Michelle hovered near death. Hanging onto the capsized canoe, wearing only a bikini and flippers, Michelle is miraculously rescued by a passing boat of Filipino fishermen; who are convinced she is a mermaid.

The story captured the interest of the world’s press and was featured in Readers Digest and on the front page of many newspapers and magazines, worldwide. This modern-day Jonah tale of Michelle’s experience with a merciful God, who gave her audible instructions on what to do to stay alive, and an amazing encounter with angels, is a story that will not only thrill but challenge you to have 100% Faith in God, in the midst of your own storms and the hungry human sharks in life.