New Hope Brisbane

Apokalypsis 9- Pastor Matt Prater

In this podcast Pastor Matt continues our series called, “Apokalypsis,” walking through the book of Revelation.  Chuck Swindoll says, ”God’s sovereign plan replaces fear with hope. People all over the world live under superstition, fear of the unknown, apprehension about the future, and an overwhelming feeling that the whole world is out of control. Wars, famines, diseases, natural disasters—all of these tragedies appear to be evidence that chaos reigns. However, the Revelation shows that God is working out His sovereign plan, that evil will one day be destroyed, and that in the end, God wins! Knowledge of this fundamental truth replaces fear with hope and confidence.” It is time to take stock & thank the Lord for 2017, & seek Him for his plans & purpose for our lives in 2018! Listen in & get fired up for the year to come!