History Makers

New Hope Brisbane’s pastor, Matt Prater, is also the host of History Makers, which has featured some of the most inspiring stories over the years, from many amazing people.

Interviews include Former Chief of the Defence force, General David Hurley; Winner of Masterchef 2011, Kate Bracks; Former Olympian, Elka Whalan; Producer of the Bible series & Survivor, Mark Burnett; & Musicians like Paul Colman; Mark Shultz & George McCardle from the Little River Band etc.

Pastor Matt has 2 Books & 2 DVD series available, all for $10 each! Maybe their stories will inspire you to be a History Maker!

For a full list of the interviews go to historymakersradio.com  All funds raised go straight back into Historymakers to help with future programs on radio and on TV! To order, email info@historymakersradio.com

History Makers USB

Interested in an inspiring Christmas gift for your family or friends?  Why not get them a History Makers USB, with interviews with the following people:

Brian Houston
Phil Pringle
Sam Humphrey
Will Graham
The Afters
Finding Faith
Sam Childers
Jason Stevens
John Dickson
Lucy Holmes
Hans Mannagren
Sam Allberry

​If you would like to order one, please contact info@newhopebrisbane.org.