About New Hope Church

About Us

Our Values

The values of New Hope Brisbane reflect the heart that we want to have in what we do. Vision for a church will change from time to time as opportunities come and go, but values should never change because they are the heart we work from.

People finding Jesus
We exist for the benefit of those who have not yet come and do everything with secular people in mind.

Doing Church as a Team
We are in this work together, doing church as a team, showing Jesus and changing lives.

We want to be authentic with God, accepting without judgement, and accountable to each other for life change.

A Heart of Devotion
We daily read God’s word and do what it says in order to be desirably different from the culture around us.

A Heart to Serve
Because we are by definition servants we consider the needs of othersas more important than our own and serve one another.

Mentoring Potential
Our responsibility is to develop emerging leaders through the shadowing of godly role models.

Creative Communication
We believe that a simple presentation of Jesus Christ in creative ways will impact and transform lives.

Spiritual Excellence
We believe that spritual excellence makes God’s message more attractive so we constantly evaluate and improve.

Loving Relationships
Relationships are the only thing we can take to heaven and the best wayof inviting people there, so we do all we can to improve them.

Paying the Price
We are willing to do whatever it takes to win people to Christ.

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What People Say

I love New Hope Church because it is all about having a relationship with Jesus, and there is a real sense of friendship and community.  Ruth Liddell

Awesome people with great hearts! Many blessings and much love. Joel Tuita

A great place to start a relationship with God.   Al Sutton